Dear Tegan and Sara

please? thanks!

please? thanks!


dear cheese puffs,

i’m really sick today because of how many of you i ate last night. Mr. Chris is always bringing snacks here, trying to raise our spirits with his “healthy” choices. first it was donuts, and now this. you melt in my mouth, but you leave my intestines orange. i hate you. i curse you for showing me once again that i have no self control when it comes to ingesting junk food. today, i cleansed myself with a salad and an apple. but nothing tastes the same now that i’ve had your fake cheese goodness. i hid you in a spare room so that Mr. Chris wouldn’t bring you back to test me. I’m half human half cheese puff now.

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Dear Tegan and Sara,

it’s hard being a fan of you when you live in Latino America. Even though we can’t do much from here, we’ll support you as hard as we can and hope that, one day, we will be lucky enough to have you here. 

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The thing about Tegan and Sara is that you don’t just love them for their music. I liked their music, and then The Con came out with that making of DVD and when I watched that DVD, that’s when it happened. That’s when I fell in love with them. Completely and utterly. Yes I think their music is genius and yes I will be forcing it onto my children’s children when I’m old and frail, but them as people? I feel like they make my life better just by existing.

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dear tegan and sara

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